3 Most Hyped Adidas Sneakers of 2022

most hyped adidas sneakers

With the rise of Y2K fashions trends, it is no surprise to see iconic hyped Adidas sneakers making their comeback on our social feeds. With these hyped Adidas sneakers, not only you are getting the appeal of a classic and confortable design but you are saving your money since these retro sneakers tends to be on the affordable and timeless side. So don’t be afraid of these sneakers going out of trend the next month. Continue Reading

Softboy Fashion | How to get the softboy aesthetic ? (softboy outfit guide)

softboys models

The softboy aesthetic has been widely popularized on TikTok and Instagram this past couple of years and has definitely made its marked in the fashion industry. With time, we have seen the aesthetic gradually being elevated with a lot of fashion influencers introducing high end designer garments into their softboy outfit. Designer brands like Jacquemus or Ami Paris have gain a lot of popularity thanks to the rise of the softboy fashion. Continue Reading