3 Most Hyped Adidas Sneakers of 2022

hyped adidas sneakers of 2023

With the rise of Y2K fashions trends, it is no surprise to see iconic hyped Adidas sneakers making their comeback on our social feeds. With these hyped Adidas sneakers, not only you are getting the appeal of a classic and confortable design but you are saving your money since these retro sneakers tends to be on the affordable and timeless side. So don’t be afraid of these sneakers going out of trend the next month.

In this post, we are going to showcase 3 of the most hyped Adidas sneaker models in 2022 as well as some ideas on how to style them going in the next year.

1 – The Adidas Superstar

First of all, let’s begin our top 3 list with the iconic Adidas Superstar sneaker. This Adidas sneaker offers a retro low top, boxy silhouette while giving the classic 3 stripes on the side. Also, if you are the type of guy that wears baggy or straight leg pants then you are in luck since the boxy silhouette of the Adidas Superstar gives the perfect support for you leg pants to fall down. Adidas released the original white version of the sneaker back in 1969. However, it looks like the black version is getting more and more popularized in 2022 with the Y2K fashion trend.

2 – The Adidas Samba

The adidas Samba sneakers detached itself from the chunky sneakers that currently dominates the fashion industry. Instead, this model focus on a low profile and sporty silhouette. The historic popularity of the Adidas Samba originates from its success in soccer leagues (football if you are European). Nowadays, its popularity remains in the fashion industry through high profile designer collaboration like Kith and Grace Wales Bonner in 2020.

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3 – The Adidas Gazelle

The last hyped Adidas sneakers on our list is the Adidas Gazelle. Just like the Samba, the Gazelle offers a low rise and sporty silhouette and finds its popularity in football but also in sport like handball as well. The Gazelle saw an increase in popularity especially through big designer house collaboration for example with Gucci. Also, famous singer Harry Styles toured with the Gazelle as it main sneaker giving it major promotion in 2022.

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