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A daily skincare routine for men’s face should be just as important as getting your monthly haircut at the barber or going to the gym. Skincare for Men’s Face is the number one foundation for a healthy looking skin! Let’s say goodbye to pimples, unwanted texture or any other type of skin concerns. Follow this guide if you want to improve the looks of skin face and your overall hygiene.

How to start ?

We have been seeing all these crazy skincare routine floating all around our social media with some going over 30 products! However, skincare doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive at all! We will show you guys a simple routine that works for any type of skin without overcomplicating it.

But first, what is your skin type ?

There are typically four types of skin:

Normal: Your skin doesn’t produce much oil, and stays relatively the same throughout the year without getting dry or irritated. You rarely have acne.
Oily: Your skin consistently has shine and produces oil regularly throughout the day. Acne is fairly regular for you and your skin never gets dry or patchy.
Dry: Your skin feels tight and dry, especially in the winter. You also might react strongly to chemical skincare products.
Combination: Your face has a T-zone, which is your forehead, nose, and chin. With combination skin, your T-zone is usually pretty oily, but the rest of your face fits the dry type of skin.

The products you need!

Skincare for men’s face doesn’t have to be complicated and expensive thus why we are splitting our skincare for men’s face into 3 different categories . These skincare products are easy accessible and you can find them at any of your local drugstore or even online on Amazon.

Please avoid using skincare line that are specifically marketing towards men! We know it might seem appealing but those products are filled with extra unwanted chemicals and fragrance that could harm your skin if you are prone to sensitivity and irritations. Please do no be fool! This is just marketing and active ingredients are far more important !


The cleanser is the first step of your skincare for men’s face. Do not apply your treatments products (step 2) or your moisturizer (step 3) if you haven’t washed your face before with a cleanser. This could potentially make your skin problems worst because it will trap the dirt in your pores.

Preferably you will needs to find a skincare for men’s face cleanser that will suit your skin type.

Oily skin benefit from stronger chemicals such as benzoyl peroxide and other AHA and BHA like salicylic acid. Dry skin types need lots of moisture so look for ingredients like ceramide and hyaluronic acid. If you are on the normal skin type then you are in luck any products will work for you just choose your favorite.

Treatment Products

Treatment Product is our favourite step because this is where you get to really personalize your skincare routine based on your skin concerns. The most popular skin concerns in men’s face are usually: Acne where ingredient like BHA or AHA are very useful at cleaning and exfoliating your skin. Also, uneven texture and hyper-pigmentation are also very common skin concerns on men’s face. Ingredients like niaciamide and vitamin C will help improve the appearance of your skin. Therefore, for your skincare for men’s face you need to pay attention and get the right ingredients that will help improve your skin concerns. Some great products that works for most people are :

Moisturizer and Sunscreen

Your last step for your skincare for men’s face routine should be to moisturize and use an invisible sunscreen or maybe get a product that does both! This is a crucial step because it will help lock all of your treatment inside your skin by creating a protective layer on the top layer of your face. Also, sunscreen is the only product that will prevent and protect from sun damage.

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