Softboy Fashion | How to get the softboy aesthetic ? (softboy outfit guide)

The softboy aesthetic has been widely popularized on TikTok and Instagram this past couple of years and has definitely made its marked in the fashion industry. With time, we have seen the aesthetic gradually being elevated with a lot of fashion influencers introducing high end designer garments into their softboy outfit. Designer brands like Jacquemus or Ami Paris have gain a lot of popularity thanks to the rise of the softboy fashion.

However, the essense of a true softboy lies in the beauty of things and people. The softboy aesthetic is achieved by making outfits look effortlessly beautiful and put together. So do not worry about spending a lot of money on achieving the aesthetic because everything is centered around minimalism. Also, we often see softboy outfits pictures with beautiful artsy background either in a form of architecture or very appealing color themes. So also think about that for your pictures!

Your Guide on How to Get the Softboy Aesthetic

Like we mentioned a softboy is someone who has high interest in art and they are not afraid to incorporate that side of them in the way that they dress.
When building your softboy outfit pay close attention to colors. Usually the colors you will be looking for would be pastels or earth tone colors.

Also, the patterns on the clothes are very important look for artsy pattern with unique design.
The fit of the softboy outfit is pretty loose and oversized so stay away from skinny jeans and fitted tops.



Avoid anything skinny and prioritize wide leg pants or straight leg pants instead.

If you are interested in straight leg pants we got you! Please visit this blog post here.


Pearls and cute rings

Nail Polish

Nail polish could be a nice detail to complete your softboy outfit. Again focus on pastel colors and artsy design.

Use the following mood board to get give you inspiration:

That’s the end of our softboy fashion guide hopefully it was useful and informative. Thank you for taking the time to read our post. Make sure to read more here.

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