How to dress like an eBoy (eboy outfit guide)

four eboy outfit

You might have already seen this new fashion trend emerging on social media especially on Tik Tok: the eboy aesthetic. Today, we are going to offer you a complete guide on how to build the perfect eboy outfit.

What is an eboy ?

To those who are still unfamiliar with eboy, they are essentially the counterpart of an egirl. Although, this fashion trend was popularized recently it has been around for quite awhile. This alternative style is really just a combination of different fashion trends and culture into one eboy outfit.

It takes its inspiration from emo, goth and skater aesthetic with some combination of the softboy aesthetic.

What we are appreciate from this fashion trend is how you can play around with your taste to personalize your outfit.

Now let’s move on to the eboy outfit guide!

The Tops

To create the perfect eboy outfit you will need an oversized black t-shirt or a cool shirt layered over a long sleeve striped t-shirt.

This is obviously the most typical tops of an eboy outfit but don’t hesitate to wear whatever you like.

The Pants

An eboy outfit to have skinny black jeans or high/mid waisted wide leg pants. In terms of patterns, an eboy can also wear stripes pants or plaid.

Also check out our article on wide leg pants here.

Don’t hesitate to customize your own pants by ripping them or adding some chains. There is no limitation for an eboy outfit.

The Accessories

Now the accessories are in my opinion the most crucial component of an eboy outfit.


Silver accessories will be your best friends! Silver chains, silver rings, silver earrings… Don’t worry you won’t have to pierce your ears we recommend you to buy some fake silver earrings.


The belts is always optional but if you wanna go for the full eboy look we recommend some punk/rock belt as showed below.

eboy oufit

Nail Polish

Now if you wanna go all the way with your eboy outfit, we recommend you to paint your nails black or any other colors with some nail polish. Don’t worry it doesn’t have to be painted perfectly because imperfection is all part of the eboy aesthetic anyways!

The Shoes

ebout oufit shoes vans

For the shoes, your everyday Vans or Converse will do the trick. However, if you have a pair of Dr.Martens that will be even better since it will add into the goth/emo vibes of the outfit.

For Vans, we recommend the Old Skool or the plaid ones and for Converse just a pair of high Chuck Taylor.

The Hairstyle

The middle part hair is an iconic trait of the eboy aesthetic. You can also choose to curl or straighten your hair and hide parts of your face to create that “mysterious”/”emo” vibe.

middle part hair on model

If you want to go even further you can bleach part of your hair to create uniqueness and style.

If you have the courage to bleach your own hair here’s the product you will need. Of course we will always recommend doing this by a professional

That is it for your eboy outfit guide, you now have all the bases to take over this viral fashion trend. I hope this was useful and informative.

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