Hottest’s Men Fashion Trends for 2022

New York Fashion Week 2020

I have collected in this article the hottest’s men fashion trends for 2020 according to what I have observed during Fashion Week 2020 and of course our favorite social media Instagram.

1 | Bucket Hat for Mens

Bucket hats for men is the main accessory of 2020. I wrote an entire post on Bucket Hat for men (click here) but I want to put an emphasis on how bucket hats will be one of men’s hottest fashion trend for 2020.

I personally think that bucket hats are very easy to wear and I am 100% against the myth that you need to have a specific “head shape” or style to wear a bucket hat. One of my favorite bucket hats are from the brand Kangol but you can also fine them at very affordable prices here.

Don’t wait get your bucket hat here.

2 | Wide Leg Pants or Loose pants

Again, I have written an article about straight leg pants for men (click here). Even if this men’s fashion trend appeared in 2019, I definitely think that it will sky rock for 2020. This is a big trend among high fashion designers such as AMI Paris, Lemaire or Louis Vuitton but it still yet to be seen more in fast retailers such Zara or H&M.

If you are not sure where to get them at affordable price, I have assembled a blog post on that subject so feel free to read it here. One of my favorite brand and also cheapest straight leg pants for men is Haggar.

Dont’ wait get your wide leg pants here.

3 | Nike Airforce 1

If you don’t have yet a pair of Nike Air Force 1, I don’t know what you are waiting for to get a pair. Nike Air force 1 is a no-brainer in the street fashion industry. I know that for some of you Nike Air force 1 might be silly to put as trend for 2020 because it is an essential.

However, from what I have observed during Fashion Week and on Instagram a lot of the overall men fashion trends for 2020 will be around loose, wide fit and a lot of patterns. Nike Air force 1 will then help tone down your outfit because it is a minimal sneaker but also it is also a bit chunky which will go perfectly with your trousers and oversize outfit.

Get your Nike AirForce 1 here.

4 | Dr.Martens

Dr. Martens is a pretty well known British shoemaker brand created in 1947. Dr.Martens footwear have been spotted tremendously on Instagram because it gives your outfit sophistication and will definitely fit your minimal aesthetic. Thus, this make Dr.Martens one of best men fashion trends for 2020.

You should definitely add a pair of Dr.Martens boots or derbies to your footwear rotation!

Some example of Dr.Martens boots. Click here.

Some example of Dr.Martens derbies. Click here.

5 | Tote Bags

Our final Men’s fashion trend for 2020 is an accessory but more specifically the Tote Bag. As men when often struggle to put our stuff somewhere because our pocket or fanny packs are not enough. Also, for the most fashion forward of us having a backpack is just a big NO.

Tote bag is just a minimalistic way of carrying your stuff in a fashionable way. Plus the great thing about tote bags is that you don’t have to break the bank because there are a lot of cheap options.

Check out the tote bags here.

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