Top 5 | Most Affordable Bucket Hats for Men

fashion influencers wearing bucket hats for men

Bucket hats for men are undeniably making a big come back in the street fashion market becoming the next big fashion streetwear trend. You can see them being worn by your favorite instagram influencers and celebrities. Bucket hats for men are definitely adding a nice touch into your street style outfit thus creating a fashion edge. 

A bucket hat is considered as unstructured because of its usual soft fabric. You can find some model with a small to wide brim that generally can be soft and flexible but sometimes hard. Some other features that you can find is some eyelets on the sides for air ventilation and a cord that  you can tie around your neck in case of a windy day.

Although, bucket hats for men are very easy to care for.  There are a few criteria that you can consider. 

Material: Most of the bucket hats are made of cotton or cotton blend to give the fabric more elasticity. You can also find some models coated with a water resistant substance to make the bucket hat water resistant. There are also other materials such as denim and water proof material such as polyester and polyurethane.

Colors And Patterns: Although it might seem a little bit safe, I would always suggest to start with a very basic colors such as black (we all know that black goes with everything). If you are more fashion forward, go with some more colors but don’t forget that it all comes down to color coordination so keep that in mind. I would also suggest you to go with patterns which is always uselful to breakdown a monotone outfit. 

Brand: With the rise of this street style trend, bucket hats for men have been the target of many fast retailers and designers houses with price points ranging  from anywhere between $15 and $800 depending on the brand. However, you don’t have to break the bank to look stylish in a bucket hat.

Here are some recommendations!

#1 | Kangol

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Kangol, which was originally founded in 1938 making hats for soldiers and golfers. The British headwear specialist has recently brought back their iconic bucket hat for men to the street fashion market. Kangol bucket hats for men are the most confortable, stylish yet affordable bucket hats ever.

Apart from being an iconic street brand, they have a huge variety of different hat style that are definitely worth your attention!

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#2 | The HatDepot

The Hat Depot bucket hats for men is a well known brand for its colour variety in the market. Their bucket hats are equip with 2 eyelet for ventilation perfect for the summer and 2 different sizes S-M and L-XL so it’s perfect if you are looking for a snug fit or an oversize fit. The brand offers a standard yet very fashionable bucket hat for men at the cheapest price ever!

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#3 | Tartan Bucket Hat

This brand offers a tartan bucket hats for men which is the best way to experience a little Burberry moment on Instagram. For the price, I think that this brand pays a lot of attention to details in term of pattern, stitching etc. You are actually getting a lot for the price. This is the perfect hat to look rich on a budget. The tartan pattern adds such a nice touch to your streetstyle fashion outfit.

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#4 | Vinyl Rain Hat

So this type of bucket hats for men is for the more fashion forward readers of our blog. This rainy designed in France so you already know that it is awesome! The most interesting part of this bucket hat is the material since it is made with Vinyl which makes the bucket hat waterproof and creased proof.

This hat is perfect if you are the kind of guy to play around with materials it will really add a nice touch to your outfit! Buy it here!

#5 | Nike or any other brands

You must know that your favorite brand probably does make bucket hats for men but you don’t even know yet. I chose nike because it is one of my favorite brand. Nike is a no-brainer when it comes to street fashion with its iconic swoosh. Having a little logo always add a nice touch to the outfit.

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