Top 5 | Cheapest Straight Leg Pants for Men

Skinny jeans are out and straight leg fit pants are here to stay. Whether it’s on the catwalk or on the street, men straight leg pants are becoming noticeably more and more popular in the street wear sphere. They are definitely a must have in a men’s wardrobe. If you are still unfamiliar with this street wear trend, a pair of straight leg pants is characterized by an absence of tapering in the legs, they simply go straight down thus creating a flowy and boxy shape while remaining stylish.

If you are looking to experiment with that street wear trend without breaking the bank you definitely need to check out the following options.

#1 | Haggar

This brand holds a special place in my heart (wardrobe) because their pants have became my go-to everyday men straight leg pants. Haggar is one of the cheapest brand if you want to start experimenting with straight leg pants. Moreover, their products are the best in term of value for your money. They offer a high quality product at a very affordable price. Their men straight leg pants are breathable, soft and perfect for an everyday streetwear outfit.

The Haggar Cool 18 Classic Fit pants are designed to help keep you cool, comfortable and fashionable which is perfect for the summer. Ever since I got them, they have become my go-to pair of pants. They are known for their breathable moisture. Also, you won’t need to iron them since they are wrinkle-free (which is the case for most of Haggar‘s pants) plus they even got a hidden expandable waistband.

The fit of these pants are classic meaning that they lean towards a casual straight fit which make them slightly straight legged. Plus, this is perfect if you still new to the trend and don’t want to take to much risk. I personally did that myself the first time. Get these here!

I decided to put a second model from Haggar in my ranking because I can’t stress enough how good this brand is for men straight leg pants.

The Mynx Gabardine model offers a boxier fit than their Cool 18. This will create a looser effect on the leg. These men straight leg pants offers a comfortable sophistication and care-free style with a permanent crease that will keep these slacks free of wrinkles and ready to wear any day. If you are a little bit more daring I would definitely go with this style but if you wanna stay in your comfort zone for now go with a less boxier fit model like the Cool 18. Get these here.

#2 | Dickies

In terms of streetwear fashion, Dickies are just a no-brainer for everyone. Every streetwear fashion icon must have a pair of straight leg Dickies in their wardrobe because they are a cheap men’s essential. Dickies were originally built for workwear in the 90s. However, throughout history we saw a revered in the skate and streetwear scenes mostly due to fashion music influences such as Eminem, The Game, TLC or even Avril Lavigne.

The most popular ones are the Original 874 Straight Leg Work Pants and the 873 Slim Straight Work Pants that comes in different colour ways. Their unique straight leg fit and high utility functions is guaranteed to give you durability.

Those models are both made with a durable cotton twill and cut in a straight leg fit with a zip fly and tab waist closure. Finished with front slant pockets, back welt pockets and a Dickies woven logo label at the waist. Get this here.

#3 | Perry Ellis

These Perry Ellis men straight leg pants are the epidemic of comfort and style. You can both dress these up or down depending on your mood. Again, this model compared to the Dickies is on the flowy side providing you with a breathable and stretchy material. The technology behind the material allows a low level of maintenance and a wrinkle-free product.

Perry Ellis Men’s Classic Fit Double Pleated Cuffed Pant

Get these here.

#4 | Giovanni Uomo

These men straight leg pants from Giovanni Uomo has landed in this ranking because of its classic yet casual fit. If you appreciate genuine quality and class, you’ll love these attractive men straight leg pants. This brand is known for their source of high-end and will make you feel like a million bucks.

These pants really reminds me of the AMI Paris men straight leg pants. These handsome dress pants are in a class of their own. With its delicate pinstriped design and handsome pleated front, cuffed hem styling these pants will lend you an air of sophistication and class. These pants will give you a fashion forward and avant-garde style if assembled with the right garments. Giovanni Uomo men straight leg pants offer elegance, comfort and practicality with a classic and relaxed fit.

Get these here.

#5 | Izod

The IZOD men straight leg pants has more casual fit than the other streetwear options. Plus, the IZOD soft and no wrinkle cotton will elevate your casual every day street wear style. These chino pants feature wrinkle-free and stain resistant cotton with double pleats and leg cuffs. It has 7 belt loops to insure a smooth belted look if you want to accessorize your street wear outfit.

IZOD Men’s American Chino Double Pleated Pant

Get this here.

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